West Brom defender Jonny Evans claims that he has sympathy for the referees, who have had a tough job of spotting infringements in the penalty box during a set piece situation.

Even though the defender admitted that this was a tough aspect of the game, he felt that referees should be more consistent with their decisions. Evans was at the wrong end of such a decision while playing with the Northern Ireland team against Slovenia. The defender gave away a penalty that proved costly for his team.

During the weekend, though, West Brom could count themselves as being lucky for a decision going their way. This led to the equaliser for the Midlands team, who ended any hopes of Spurs winning the league title with a 1-1 draw. Tottenham fans complained that West Brom’s goal in the second half should have been disallowed since it was a direct impeachment. The goal, though, was allowed to stand and West Brom held on for a well-deserved draw. Spurs are extremely disappointing with their failure to win, which means that Leicester City can be crowned as the league title winners this weekend.

Mauricio Pochettino, though, claimed that his team will continue to believe unless it is mathematically impossible to be crowned as the champions. “I was penalised in the last international friendly for something similar and one of the biggest things we have had a problem with is that when you go into the opposition box, it is happening to you and you are not getting the foul. You want that consistency. I think it is a difficult thing because the referee sees at that time and has to give it, but there’s other instances where he doesn’t see it and that’s where you don’t get the equal decisions,” said the West Brom defender.