Manchester United came out of Carrow Road as they had to travel over there in order to face off against Norwich City and despite having neither Robin van Persie nor Wayne Rooney available to play, the side of David Moyes still managed to come out on top with a narrow 1-0 victory.

Danny Welbeck was the game-changer as he scored the only goal of the entire encounter which made the difference and edged Manchester United all 3 crucial points as they are trying to repair the initial stages of the season that saw them dropping a large amount of points.

This triumph arrives at a great moments as some weeks ago Jonny Evans was saying that Manchester United was suffering from a lack of confidence after they had lost against Newcastle United and Everton in the earlier stages of the season.

‘’Obviously the lads have lost a bit of confidence in their play,’ he said. ‘You can tell that with the possession and creativity. Players maybe is not playing how they naturally would. That happens when your confidence drops’’.

‘’Usually whenever we’re chasing a goal at Old Trafford, especially at the Stretford End, we put teams under an enormous amount of pressure’’.

‘’But with the lack of confidence and creativity we didn’t produce that’’

Even though it was not the dream start of a season that Manchester United wanted it to be, as they had to endure a series of disappointing results, Jonny Evans said that they will not give up and will continue trying to protect the Premier League title.

‘’It’s difficult to win the league in any season’’ he said. ‘The fact we’ve lost five games already makes it harder. But we won’t give up. We are professionals. We want to keep going until the end.’’

Their latest Premier League victory against Hull City is not only important due to the fact that they managed to secure all 3 points but it’s a huge boost of confidence and morale considering all of the players that Moyes has injured and unavailable to play, Welbeck stepped up to the plate and made a difference as well as the other remaining players that helped the team claim the triumph.