Jonny Evans is a 29 year old Northern Irish defender who made his way through the youth academy of Manchester United before eventually being promoted to the 1st team and Evans later went on to spend over 6 seasons with the Premier League outfit.

After making more than 130 appearances wearing the Manchester United jersey, on August of 2015, Evans joined West Bromwich Albion but it wasn’t until very recently that it was unveiled as to why Jonny Evans decided to leave his childhood club and according to the experienced defender, Sir. Alex Ferguson played a big role in his transition from Manchester United over to West Bromwich Albion as the former manager told him a few things that encouraged Evans.

“There were a few whispers and I was playing golf one day at one of the United Foundation events. Sir Alex took me to the side, sitting on the golf buggy, and talked it through with me’’

“He’s obviously big friends with Tony Pulis (at West Bromwich Albion) and was pushing me in that direction. I thanked him for that at the time and took his advice. Me, on the other hand, that wasn’t a surprise. I could see the signs. I felt like it was the time for that to happen. There was no problem. I was looking forward to a new challenge because I knew that once I got playing again, I could really push on’’ Jonny Evans said.

It seems like Jonny Evans was already fairly suspicious about his time in Old Trafford as he stated that leaving Manchester United was a real possibility of him even before talking with Sir. Alex Ferguson and it was the Scottish tactician who gave Jonny Evans the final push that he needed in order to make his move as Evans was not going to be playing a big role in Manchester United anyways.