Ireland international defender Jonny Evans believes that the Ireland national team can have a great future. He said that there are plenty of young players that are coming through the ranks and that they should be the backbone of the team in the near future.

He said that the team has made some steady progress during the past months and he is sure that they will be able to build on this success. He said that there has been some disappointment ever since the team failed to qualify for the World Cup and that ever since that day they have been working on improving the team.

Jonny Evans said that he was amazed at the quality of the new players that have come into the Ireland team and that he is sure that they will be able to bring the team forward.

He said that the young players are all quick and that they bring a new sense of excitement into the team. He said that as a team you want to have some exciting forward players and he feels that Ireland has plenty of them at the moment.

He said that most of these young players are now playing regularly with their clubs and this means that they will be becoming even better in the future. He said that this will bring some more experience into the team and help boost the national team.

Jonny Evans said that the future looks exciting and that it is important that the players keep working hard. He said that Michael O Neill is an experienced manager and he will know how to get the best out of these players. He said that fans should be excited as this is an interesting era for the Ireland team and that he is sure that they will get some positive results soon.